spring time yard prep

now that the weather is warming up–people tend to their outdoor yards. Don’t forget about your deck and fence areas. It is no use to have a well mancured yard with an ugly deck or fence.
Most people do not have the funds to build a new deck or fence to match the look of their house, so they either tend to let it deteroiate or try to clean it themselfs. If you are a do it yourselfer remember to clean your deck or fence with mild soap or water first, so that when you seal it , you do not seal in the dirt. Then use eiother a stain or a preserver, that does not contain an acrilic, so the protection does not warp or crack your wood. Some choices are the time and energy you spend doing your deck yourself. Most people do not have the time in todays hectic lifestyle, and they will seek a contractor to do it for them.. Be sure to ask them how long they have been cleaning and preserving decks , to get an idea of their knowledge. If you have a question or need a free estimate for your deck or fence–please give us a call at 501-350-0079. Thanks for now and catch you latted.

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  1. carol says:

    My husband,bless his heart, tried to do it himself, but cut deep ruts in our deck. 1st choice came and finished the job for him and now our deck looks fantastic. Great job.

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