Chimney Repair

Protecting Your Home

Protecting Your Home From Smoke And Harmful Byproducts

Chimney Sweeping

Includes the sweeping of the chimney shaft, brushing and vacuuming the smoke chamber, damper and firebox as well as a visual evaluation of the firebox and shaft interior. We also include a written report of condition. Prices can vary depending on the specific fireplace.

Liner Installation

Chimneys with a damaged or missing liner can allow heat to move quickly into adjacent woodwork. Clay flue tiles or stainless steel may be used to line masonry chimneys. Factory-built chimneys must be relined with a factory approved metal chimney system.

Inspection & Reports

Chimneys should be inspected annually and cleaned when needed. This service includes a Level 1 Inspection of readily accessible areas of the system and a written report will be furnished upon completion of the job.

Performance & Diagnostics

General troubleshooting can be performed to solve various problems. Common troubles include: smoke entering the room, chimney shaft obstructions, poor system design, parts in disrepair, and heat escaping through the chimney due to defective dampers.

Spark Arrestors & Caps

A chimney cap will stop most rainwater from entering a chimney. Spark arrestors are a minimum fire safety requirement. They consist of a 1/2 inch mesh screen and are present in the design of most caps. Special air-cooled caps are needed for factory-built chimneys. Cost varies with size and type of system.