Deck Staining & Preserving

Deck Repair

Is your deck ugly and gray?… Let us help!

We understand how important your home is to you.  You outdoor living space is no exception.  That is why we go the extra mile when preserving and staining your deck.

Our “Wood Restoration” process restores your woods moisture content, adds lubricity and rebulks your wood on your house, deck, fence staining.

  1. We clean the wood thoroughly to remove embedded dirt, fungus, stains and gray suface wood left behind from years of sun exposure, black or green stains from mildew, moss or algae, or brown-black tannin bleed, common on new cedar, which can ruin the look of your wood.
  2. We strip any deteriorating or unwanted finishes like oil solid or semi-transparent stains and clear finishes to prepare your wood for the application of our protective coatings.
  3. Once your wood is restored and rid of any surface barriers and unwanted finishes, we protect your wood with a water repellent finish. Water repellents stop moisture from penetrating the wood surface, which can cause swelling, shrinking, warping and cracking. Then we use a “mildewcide” that impedes the growth of mildew on your wood during the warm months ahead.

All of our products are environmentally friendly. They are 100% biodegradable and will not harm grass, plants or shrubs.